Diversity & Belonging

We believe that diversity and belonging are essential values that should be reflected in everything we do. We are committed to creating a platform that is welcoming and inclusive for all guests and hosts, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or any other characteristic.

Here are some of the ways we are promoting diversity and belonging in our community:

1. Inclusive Marketing: We strive to create marketing materials that are inclusive and representative of all members of our community. We use diverse imagery and language to ensure that everyone feels welcome and included.

2. Anti-Discrimination Policies: We have strict anti-discrimination policies in place to ensure that no one is discriminated against on the basis of their race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or any other protected personal characteristic.

3. Diverse Hosts: We encourage hosts from diverse backgrounds to join our platform and share their unique perspectives and experiences with our guests.

4. Inclusive Experiences: We work with hosts to create experiences that are inclusive and welcoming for all guests. We encourage hosts to highlight local cultural traditions and provide information on how to be respectful and mindful of different cultures.

5. Training and Education: We provide training and education to our hosts on how to be inclusive and welcoming to all guests. We also provide resources and information on how to be an ally to marginalised communities.

At UxTransient, Safety and Diversity are our core values. If we are not diverse, We can not co-exist. By promoting inclusivity and creating a welcoming environment for all guests and hosts, we can create a community that celebrates diversity and fosters a sense of belonging for everyone.